Lamont Washington/Owner/ Founder/Professional Barber/Professional SMP Artist/Business Marketer/ Web Developer/ Business Entrepreneur

Meet Lamont Washington, the powerhouse behind Tru Cutz Barbershop. A business owner, master barber, and distinguished SMP artist, Lamont holds the mantle of excellence in every sense of the word. A proud Puerto Rican, Lamont has been refining his artistry with scissors for over 15 years, gracing the industry with unrivaled skill and expertise.

His journey began in the corridors of college, where he cut hair as an apprentice barber while earning his bachelor's degree in business marketing. It was there that he recognized a gap in the market — a need for barbers skilled in both new school ethnic and classic old school haircuts. In 2016, he opened the doors of Tru Cutz Barbershop in his hometown of Saratoga Springs.

With the wisdom from his degree and a knack for social media advertising, Lamont crafted a local success story that quickly garnered the highest 5-star Google and Booksy rating for a barbershop in both Saratoga Springs and the entire Upstate New York, Tru Cutz is a testament to Lamont's unwavering dedication and exceptional talent. His entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop there, though. As a visionary, Lamont seeks to spread his wings beyond Tru Cutz, aiming to establish a myriad of successful businesses in various verticals.

But at the heart of it all, it's not just about cutting hair for Lamont. It's about forming profound connections, cultivating friendships across diverse backgrounds, and fostering a discipline for business success. His outgoing personality, coupled with a relentless drive, has helped shape his journey so far.

Today, Lamont continues to split his time between managing Tru Cutz and pursuing his ambition of becoming a Business Entrepreneur. Still donning the barber's cape two to three days a week, he balances his role as a master barber and a professional SMP artist with leading web development, business marketing, and overall operations.

Lamont Washington is not just a barber or a business owner. He's a trailblazer in his craft, a pillar in his community, and an emerging powerhouse in the business world. At Tru Cutz, he's not just setting the bar — he's redefining it.


Henry Jenkins/Owner/ Master Barber

Meet Henry Jenkins: Master Barber, Business Co-owner, and Artisan of the Razor at Tru Cutz Barbershop. Henry is the cornerstone of the most reputable barbershop in upstate New York, his skills being the driving force behind our unrivaled 5-star rating on Google and Booksy.

An African American who took the art of barbering into his own hands following an unfortunate haircut experience on picture day, Henry transformed a childhood misfortune into a successful career, demonstrating his resilience, creativity, and determination. From his humble beginnings at a barbershop in Wilton Mall, Saratoga Springs NY, he has soared to new heights, becoming a respected co-owner and vital part of Tru Cutz since its inception on May 6th, 2016.

Now with six years of ownership under his belt, Henry's passion for the craft continues to inspire and set the standard for professional barber services throughout Saratoga Springs and beyond. Come and experience the magic of his masterful hands at Tru Cutz, the highest rated barbershop in all of upstate New York


Benjamin Gutierrez/ Master Barber/ Manager

Meet Benjamin Gutierrez, our prized master barber artist and manager at Tru Cutz Barbershop, the apex of barbering excellence in the heart of Saratoga Springs and beyond in upstate New York. Born and bred in Puerto Rico, Benjamin has honed his craft over an impressive 18-year career, cutting and styling hair with precision and passion. His skill set, combined with his deep dedication, led him to Tru Cutz since its inauguration, contributing significantly to our stellar 5-star Google and Booksy ratings.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Benjamin seamlessly transcends language barriers, serving a diverse clientele. His devotion to his work is mirrored only by his love for his family - a doting father to six beautiful daughters and proud owner of his beloved Yorkie dogs. In his leisure, the scent of the barber's shop is replaced by the allure of cars, a hobby that fuels his drive for perfection.

Join us at Tru Cutz, where Benjamin’s expertise, coupled with his warm, friendly demeanor, ensures not just a haircut, but an experience worth remembering


Dylan Capone/ Master Barber

Meet Dylan Capone, the vibrant life force behind the chair at Tru Cutz Barbershop, the finest, 5-star rated barbershop in Saratoga Springs and the entirety of Upstate New York. At the age of 24, Dylan already boasts an impressive four years of experience in the artistry of barbering, a skill that flows naturally through his veins.

Having found his second home at Tru Cutz, Dylan's passion for hair-cutting is surpassed only by his love for his family, and the camaraderie he shares with his Tru Cutz team. An enthusiast of football and baseball, he not only commands the barber chair but also the baseball diamond as a dedicated travel baseball coach for the past two years.

Beyond his role as a Master Barber, Dylan is a proud brother to Patrick, Ashton, James, and Payton, and a beloved son to Pat and Fahren. With every trim and shave, he brings the dedication and warmth of his familial bonds, demonstrating that Tru Cutz isn't just a barbershop, but a community where everyone becomes part of Dylan's extended family.

Come in for a cut, stay for the unique experience that only Dylan Capone at Tru Cutz can offer. Your best haircut is waiting for you right here, in Saratoga Springs.


Tyler Sheckton/ Master Barber

Meet Tyler Sheckton, a revered Master Barber Artist at Tru Cutz Barbershop, the highest-rated establishment not only in Saratoga Springs but across the entirety of Upstate New York. Drawing inspiration from the incomparable energy and unique experience offered by barbershops since his early teens, Tyler has dedicated his life to the art of hair-styling.

His journey brought him to Saratoga County at 18, where he discovered the unparalleled aura of Tru Cutz and never looked elsewhere. A few years on, destiny has led him to practice his passion where it all began for him, at Tru Cutz. With nearly three years of expertise under his belt, Tyler’s happiness comes from serving the community he adores and working in harmony with the team he now considers family.

Tyler's craft extends beyond a simple haircut; he offers an unmatched grooming experience, cultivating relationships, and giving you a fresh look that makes you feel your absolute best. Come in and experience the Tru Cutz difference with Tyler Sheckton - your trusted barber in Saratoga Springs.


Damien Small/ Master Barber

Meet Damien Small, a master craftsman in the art of barbering, who brings passion, precision, and a familial legacy of hairstyling to the acclaimed Tru Cutz Barbershop. The barbershop itself is the crown jewel of Saratoga Springs, consistently earning 5-star ratings on Google and Booksy, making it the highest-rated in Upstate New York.

Starting his journey with a pair of clippers at the tender age of 16, Damien honed his skills on the heads of friends and family. Barbering is not just a profession for him; it's a cherished family tradition, inherited from his brother, uncle, and cousins.

His love for barbering truly blossomed the moment he stepped into his first authentic barbershop - Tru Cutz. Ever since, Damien has been dedicated to providing an unrivaled grooming experience, embracing the heritage of classic barbering while incorporating contemporary techniques.

When you sit in Damien's chair, you're not just getting a haircut, you're receiving an intimate experience rooted in tradition, skill, and dedication. Visit Tru Cutz to experience the finest in grooming service and join the ranks of Damien's satisfied clientele.



Tamara Myvette/ Professional Braider

Meet Tamara Myvette, our extraordinary Professional Braiding Artist at Tru Cutz Barbershop - the most esteemed, 5-star rated barbershop in Saratoga Springs and across the whole of upstate New York.

Hailing from a vibrant Caribbean heritage, with roots in Trinidad and Belize, Tamara brings a rich infusion of culture and tradition to every hairstyle. From a tender age of 5, she was immersed in the art of braiding, thanks to her mother, a former Brooklyn-based hair stylist, who was her first tutor and muse. After cutting off her locs, braids became Tamara's signature style, the canvas on which she began to practice, experiment, and perfect her craft.

By 2014, she was already creating beautiful braid styles for her close network, starting with only three clients. But it wasn't until 2021 that she realized her passion could be more than just a hobby - it could be a full-blown profession.

Starting from her apartment, Tamara began to build a diverse and loyal clientele through her own promotion. She now offers her magic at Tru Cutz, intertwining her love for Caribbean culture with the precision of modern styling techniques. With each braid, she weaves not just hair, but stories of resilience, beauty, and heritage.

Embark on a transformative hair journey with Tamara Myvette - because every strand is a piece of art waiting to be revealed.



George Washington/ Apprentice Barber

Meet George Washington, the promising Apprentice Barber Artist at Tru Cutz Barbershop – the top-rated 5-star barbershop not just in Saratoga Springs, but across the whole of Upstate New York. George is here, honing his skills under the watchful eye of our master barbers, providing top-notch haircuts at a $10 discount as he perfects his craft.

As an apprentice, George invests additional time into each client to ensure every haircut aligns with the high-quality Tru Cutz standards you've come to expect. With every snip and style, George is monitored and his work evaluated by our seasoned professionals, ensuring each haircut doesn't just meet but exceeds your expectations.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and if there's anything about your cut that doesn't leave you completely happy, one of our master barbers will step in to make it right, free of charge. This is our way of expressing gratitude for being part of George's learning journey – the Tru Cutz guarantee!

Embrace the journey, enjoy the discount, and experience the commitment to quality at Tru Cutz Barbershop with George Washington, our passionate apprentice barber artist. We can't wait to welcome you!


Khaleel Muldrow/ Apprentice Barber

Meet Khaleel Muldrow, our dynamic Apprentice Barber Artist at Tru Cutz Barbershop, the highest-rated 5-star barbershop not just in Saratoga Springs, but across all of Upstate New York. Embracing a journey of skill refinement, Khaleel is passionate about perfecting the artistry of barbering.

Despite his current status as an apprentice, every service rendered by Khaleel mirrors the professionalism and standards that Tru Cutz is known for. To ensure our clients receive the best possible experience, all of Khaleel's work is supervised, and each haircut is double-checked by one of our esteemed master barbers.

To express our gratitude for your support in Khaleel's journey, we offer a generous $10 discount on his services. Not only this, but extra time is allocated for each appointment to ensure every cut is meticulously tailored to your satisfaction.

At Tru Cutz, your satisfaction is our guarantee. In the unlikely event that you're not fully satisfied with your haircut, one of our master barbers will step in to rectify it, free of charge.

Come join us on this exciting journey and experience the Tru Cutz commitment to excellence, while also helping to shape the future of barbering. Thank you for choosing us, and for your part in honing the skills of our upcoming talent.


Antonio Encarnacion/ Apprentice Barber

Meet Antonio Encarnacion, our passionate apprentice barber artist at Tru Cutz Barbershop - the most revered 5-star rated establishment across Saratoga Springs and Upstate New York.

As an apprentice, Antonio is on a fervent journey of mastering the art of barbering, and he is eager to provide you with a top-notch grooming experience. Despite still being in the learning phase, Antonio's services come with a unique perk - a $10 discount on all his haircuts. We also allocate additional time for every haircut he performs to ensure that every single strand is cut to perfection, in line with the exacting Tru Cutz standards.

To guarantee your satisfaction, each of Antonio's cuts is meticulously inspected by our master barbers before you leave the shop. And in the unlikely event you're not 100% satisfied with your cut, one of our master barbers will step in to rectify it, free of charge.

At Tru Cutz, we believe in growing together. This is why we offer the $10 discount and our customer satisfaction guarantee - it's our unique way of saying 'Thank You' for supporting Antonio's journey towards becoming a professional. We invite you to experience the dedication and creativity of our apprentice, while enjoying a premium haircut at an unbeatable price. Your hair, Antonio's canvas - come and let the art of barbering unfold!